The Book of Magic That Has Appeared in the World

In this world, there are many who still believe in the world of black magic, even once published the book of darkness, one of which is the Book of Galdrabok. This manuscript became an ancient book which he was known to be listed and collected around 1550 AD-1650 AD The book is said to contain 47 types of magic spells collected from four Icelandic legend magicians. Some experts who reviewed this book concluded that the content of the Galdrabok Book consists of various types of magic spells such as spells that give a positive impression in healing the body of a human body, but on the other hand, spells in this book are also filled with spells created for evil purposes kill. Only three official spells identified are only used by magicians as recipients to make ‘potions’ or for medicinal purposes. Eight pieces of spells in this book are also used to get a power that is able to defeat humans or enemies so that it is categorized as a deadly spell.


This book was published publicly for the first time in 1921 by Adolf Natanael Lindqvist by being translated into Swedish. The first edition of the English translation was also translated by Stephen Flower in 1989. In 1995, Stephen Flower released this book in the second edition with some corrections to grammar accompanied by notes. Every incantation in this book contains various verses of magic verses of the people who settled in Iceland since ancient times. The book of the Black Pullet is a book of magic that is quite well known among ancient European nations, especially in parts of France. It is said, this book was originally written by one of the soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte’s army who was conquering Egypt. This man was injured in a battle when he was saved by a mystery man (possibly a magician).

This mystery man taught him ways to produce amulets or material from materials such as silk and iron and Kabbalah black arts through an ancient Egyptian manuscript taken from the Alexandria library during the Ptolemy era I. The magic of the mystery man was re-recorded by the army this is collected in a book known as La Poule Noire. Following various sources, this book contains as many as 22 ways to produce an amulet in a ring or detachment from, each of which gives the wearer a privilege.

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