Hajj at a Young Age Is Not Impossible, Follow These Tips To Be Able To Perform Hajj At A Young Age

Seeing the cost of the Hajj is quite expensive, especially for Muslims who live far enough from Saudi Arabia, it will look impossible. Especially if you have not much salary hajj and umrah packages 2017 . Even to perform regular hajj pilgrimage makes them able to wait for years. Actually, while collecting money, it’s better to find information if you find a suitable package for performing the Hajj, one of them at the http://www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages. Not only travel packages, but you will also be guided before leaving for Hajj, so you will be prepared mentally and physically.

Because the cost is not small, of course, it needs to be prepared early. Especially for those of you who want to perform the Hajj while young, of course, you have to find a solution to save the Hajj fund. There are many ways you can do it. The following is our summary:

– Create financial goals planning
The first thing you can do is to plan your financial goals. For example, you are currently 25 years old and want to perform the pilgrimage at the age of 35 years. In the 10-year period, you should be able to raise funds for the pilgrimage that you planned. Then, from the planned time period, you can start calculating how much money you have to save each month, which financial products can be chosen, and other things related to exploiting Hajj savings costs.

– Estimate the increase in the cost of Hajj
Try to calculate the estimated increase in the cost of Hajj. As you know, the cost of the pilgrimage is increasing every year. Therefore, it requires careful planning and calculation. You can do calculations first. For example, you calculate the estimated cost of the pilgrimage for the next 5 years. For more convenience, you can find out from people who have performed Hajj.

– Use investment instruments to save Hajj funds
In addition to saving, you can try investing as a way to save the pilgrimage funds. You can choose the type of deposits, precious metals, and others that are in accordance with the specified time period. For Hajj funds, it would be advisable to save it in the form of deposits.