Low Watt AC Technology, Solution for Homes with low electricity

Don’t look at prices, buying electricity-saving air conditioners can be done by choosing the type of low watt AC. The technology answers the residential needs of small electric power. Living in a tropical country like Singapore is fun. However, it is undeniable that this hot tropical weather has its own challenges especially in a big city where the hot weather is very pronounced. For this reason, air conditioner (AC) has now become a staple for modern households in the country. Aside from that, read more if you want to know more about AC or its maintenance tips.


However, not many realize that the cool air conditioning is also one of the causes of the increase in electricity bills. In addition to electricity, the number of units, and the accumulation of duration of AC usage every day make AC contribute greatly to the high monthly electricity bills.

There are at least three categories of air conditioners, namely Standard AC, Low Watt AC, and AC Inverter. Usually, AC Low Watt comes as a new offer that answers electricity-saving needs or the needs of homes with little electricity. Of course, this air conditioning technology has a lower power consumption capability by limiting electricity during operation.

In addition to having a small electrical power, this product has also been pinned Triple Protection feature, where this technology is the first to be applied to the AC industry.

This Triple Protection is fireproof, leakproof and high-temperature proof. These various protection features are of course very necessary for AC usage in the long run.

Using Freon R32 which is environmentally friendly (Eco Friendly), R32 has several other advantages, namely:

1. Can reduce the level of global warming by 70%
2. It is believed that it can reduce electricity consumption by around 10%
3. Reducing the level of carbon dioxide disposal
4. Easy to recycle
5. Does not damage the ozone layer of the earth