Guess Someone’s Personality From the Way Using a Wristwatch

As one of the most widely used accessories, watches must be chosen very well. The right watch will make your mapping more professional. One brand of watch that you can’t miss while looking for the right watch is seiko watches.


When you see someone using a watch, you often see it using the left hand. However, some of them have exposed the watch to the inside and out. You can guess their criteria from this.

– Watch on the left and face inward
The person wearing the watch on the left and facing inward shows the attitude of the wearer who is responsible. Although responsible, this person turned out to be typical of people who are easily offended, although not too visible from the outside.

– Watch on the left and face out
Typical watch users like this usually always have simple thoughts and want everything in their life to be practical and not complicated. They don’t look too perfectionistic because at first glance it looks more ignorant, but disciplined and appreciates the time.