These Terms You Will Listen When Buying AC

The term PK is certainly obligatory we know and know when you want to buy air conditioning. The meaning of PK (Paard Kracht / Horse Power / Horse Power (HP)) is a term to refer to the size of AC capacity. The value of the AC PK will determine the ideal room area where you will install the unit. The higher the AC PK value, the greater the room to be installed by the AC unit. In the meantime, go to when you must find a reliable AC repair company.

Usually, this PK term will be followed by the term BTU (British Thermal Unit), which is a measure of cooling ability. Because each PK AC value has a different BTU size. Like AC 1/2 PK has a size of ± 5,000 BTU / h, for AC ¾ PK has a size of ± 7,000 BTU / h, for AC 1 PK has the size = ± 9,000 BTU / h, and for AC 1½ PK has a size of ± 12,000 BTU / h, then for AC 2 PK the size is ± 18,000 BTU / h.

Low watt AC

This term is for type AC. For information, the type of air conditioner for occupancy is divided into three, namely; Standard AC, low wattage AC, and AC inverter. The type of low watt air conditioner is actually relatively the same as the standard type. The difference lies in the power used.

Low wattage air conditioners are known to be more economical because they have lower electricity usage.

Inverter AC

We will hear the term from this technology when we want to buy AC. Inverters are technologies that can control the speed of the compressor motor and control the flow of refrigerants to control the stability of the room temperature. It’s because this type of air conditioner uses drive frequency where the combined system controls the compressor speed and cooling output.

When compared to the low watt type, the inverter type has a higher use of electric power in the initial pull. It’s because, in order to more quickly cool the room according to the temperature set on the remote, an AC inverter will do the maximum performance.