Regular inventory storage in grouping

Stock Opname is another term for the physical calculation of inventory. The purpose of the stock-taking is to find out the truth of the opening notes, which is one of the functions of the Internal Control System (SPI). With the holding of stock-taking, it will be known whether the records in opening the inventory are correct or not, if it turns out there is a difference between inventory with a note on bookkeeping, there may be transactions that have not been recorded or even fraud related to inventory. Periodic checks are very necessary because to know and separate damaged or defective items so that damaged items cannot affect good or useful items and can reduce space for unused items. The best warehouse can only be found at

Not only stored just like that in managing and managing inventory, but inventory must also be placed or arranged in groups by giving a code according to the needs and inventory for example grouping by name of goods, code of goods, specifications of goods, units, and others. The purpose of this grouping is to make it easier and save time when taking or storing supplies from the warehouse or going out of the warehouse. To establish a new factory, an important strategic decision that must be taken by company management is where the location of the new plant is located. There are several ways to determine the location of a factory, one method or method is to use the Factor Rating Method or in the Indonesian language called the Factor Weighting Method. Factor Weighting Method or Factor Rating Method is a method that is widely used because it combines quantitative and qualitative in determining the best factory location for manufacturing and service companies.

The following are some steps to determine the location of a factory or facility location using the Factor Rating Method or Factor Weighting Method; Identify important factors that will be analyzed location. Give weight or value to each factor based on the level of importance of the factor. The higher the weight or value, the higher the level of importance of the factor. The total weight used is generally 1 or 100%. Determine alternative locations. Give the value of each alternative location based on the important factors that have been determined. The given value usually ranges from 0 to 100. Calculate the total value for each alternative location by multiplying the weights on the factors determined by each alternative location. Compare and select alternative locations that have the highest total value.

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