How To Choose The Floor Of Condo Based On Your Desire And Needs

In addition to paying attention to the location and condition of the building, choosing the floor position of the Antares is one of the important consideration factors before you rent or buy the condo. The position of a suitable condo floor, starting from the lower floor, the middle floor to the top floor can affect comfort and safety in your daily life later.

Before you choose to live downstairs, middle or upstairs in a condo, you must first know your situation and needs first. Here are some considerations that can be your guide in choosing the condo floor position.


Do you want to be able to see the view anytime when you live in the Antares? The scenery factor of the condo unit was able to significantly distinguish the price of condo units. The price of the most expensive unit in the condo tends to be on the middle floor. However, some condos actually charge the most expensive prices for units on the top floor. Furthermore, units with city view or natural scenery access are more ‘cheap’ than units facing the pool.


Most condo residents of the Antares, especially in large cities, are busy workers. As a result, the position of the ground floor of the condo will make it easier for them to do their daily activities because they do not need to spend a long time waiting for the elevator. Not only the convenience of activities but the floor position of the condo conditions such as fire, earthquake and so on. Higher floor occupants certainly need more time or face greater difficulties, for evacuation.

Noise from outside or other occupants

Staying in the upper floor unit means you are more protected from the noise of the highway. If your condo is in an area that is prone to traffic jams, of course, this will benefit you because you can avoid the noise of vehicle horns. If you choose the top floor, besides avoiding road noise, you can also avoid noise that may arise from occupants on the top floor of your unit. Conversely, living on the ground floor of the condo may benefit residents who already have children.